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Blockfilm.io-blockchain film gap funding platform

Advisor - Digital/International - for Canadian platform Blockfilm.io -backed by Canada Media Fund (digital innovation). Wendy Bernfeld provides ongoing Advisory services in international Biz dev, from  startup , launch and through post launch , for an innovative global film industry gap-funding hub, where producers submit projects to a mix of traditional and nontraditional supporters (fans) and professional investors across various categories including via groundbreaking regulatory-approved tokenized film investment system.  Blockchain tech is underlying, for transparency (eg waterfall) and security. Wendy helps brings select VOD platforms, (who buy and sometimes fund films/digital content,) as well as EU and international producers, hybrid sales agents and other industry players  to the mix. See launch article 2021 here: variety.com/2021/film/news/blockfilm-tokenfinder-financing-1235003033/