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Connecting “previously on …” with “now playing” and “coming soon”

Any successful strategy requires knowledge of global and local competitors (both known and not yet launched), rights realities in the market, and cultural tastes. It also requires excellent antennae for developments outside the existing ‘battlefield’ that may affect the sector soon, and for newcomers with promising propositions.

Rights Stuff has its origins in traditional entertainment and has garnered its knowledge of the market from vast hands-on experience in international rights buying and selling for major players in film and TV.  However, Rights Stuff has also been at the heart of the digital revolution from the very beginning, working alongside the pioneers of the crossover between traditional and digital entertainment.

Because we have always worked on both sides of the ocean and on both sides of the table (buying and selling) covering creative, business and rights perspectives, we are extremely well equipped to help develop successful strategies. 

Rights Stuff’s concrete activities and resources supporting strategy include:

  • In house seminars on digital sector, VOD landscape, competitors, trends, business models (Research and Seminars)
  • Rights Stuff Database: We draw upon our knowledge of Who’s launching, buying, selling or funding What – and Where  -and in which Business model and Genre - so as to assist with tailored strategies (Rights Stuff Database)
  • 'Originals' and variations in New Original Production: helping producers and platforms with business-oriented strategies and alternative partners for  new production, ranging from gap financing, prebuys, coproductions (digital), and commissioned Originals. This includes alternative formats such as web/mobile series (short form episodic),  cross platform, VR/AR/XR (Development)
  • Expansion:  Business development and expansion of existing VOD platforms to new regions, genres, and/or business models and hybrids, including ‘’carriage’’via telecom/cable, connected tv and OTT boxes/platforms.
  • Morphing traditional sector online: rights and strategy aspects of film festivals moving online or hybrid; Premium VOD, and Virtual Cinema (vod partnerships with cinemas)
  • technology/content crossovers such as blockchain based platforms re VOD and funding 

Once your strategy is in place, we can continue on with Acquisition, Distribution, Development and other services, to help bring strategy to fruition with the right players and partners.

If your strategy is aimed at positioning your company for a merger or takeover (at either side of the negotiating table), expansion, or a sale of the IP in your catalog, click here (Media Finance/M&A)!