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Over the years Rights Stuff has built a vast knowledge database about Digital and VOD Platforms, Content Suppliers, Genres and Business Models. This database is regularly updated and expanded, based on Rights Stuff’s ongoing operational experience in buying and selling, as well as research intel and other sources.

Tapping into this database, Rights Stuff provides clients with tailored ‘’target lists’’ of  platform buyers, content sellers, and alternative funders.  Here’s an example:

  • Instead of client having to navigate a MIPCOM database of over 5000 companies (platforms, suppliers, etc.), via the Rights Stuff database we assist clients by prescreening say 50 targets for the particular proposition, to prioritize for whichever suitable rights-cleared content, window or genre, and by recommending concrete shortcuts to these platforms.

The Rights Stuff database further includes information that is NOT public, so as to tailor personalized lists of the various non-registered platforms and suppliers – i.e. those who are NOT publically listed in market or festival databases. This is important because many digital platforms buy, sell or fund in digital sector yet do not even attend industry markets or festivals. We can provide you with in-roads and shortcuts to these companies.

Finally, even when the company is already known, getting to the right contact person within a platform or supplier often presents a challenge. Based on 15+ years of operational work in the digital sector, and many more in traditional entertainment, Rights Stuff with its strong trust networks, credibility and reputation, can play a crucial role in your relationship building within the industry.