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“Strange bedfellows”

As lines have blurred in viewing screens and audience appetites, so too have the lines blurred between the players in the production funding sector. 

In addition to larger players like Netflix and Hulu, other online and digital platforms, as well as global brands, are stepping up and pre-buying, commissioning, co-producing or otherwise supporting original production('Originals'), whether in the form of web series or full out feature films and TV series.

At the same time, the formerly so-called traditional players, such as payTV and free TV channels, have started co-funding digital content.

In both cases Rights Stuff assists with negotiations between stakeholders including the complexities around windows and rights, both locally and internationally. 

If carefully handled, this crossover can lead to great creative and business opportunities for producers.  For example, If Gone with the Wind were being made today, it might not just be a 4 hour feature film, but an expanded storyworld, with possibilities for related web or mobile series, cross-platform apps, VR and transmedia content. Think “Scarlett’s Diary’’ and “Rhett’s Story’’, with related games, ebooks, historical educational backdrop programming, and the like, for dedicated fans. 

Rights Stuff works with producers to help find the right partners, funding and commercial exploitation for such extensions.  In 2016 Rights Stuff started focussing further on the emerging VR/AR content sector, working with key producers and platforms on the business side, from development through to distribution, and since 2018 also for various blockchain clients in VOD and funding.