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Entertainment business affairs

Are you looking for a specialist in entertainment business affairs? Then you've come to the right place with Rights Stuff.

About Rights Stuff

We are an international consultant in the field of entertainment.(film, tv, web, and mobile content). Among our specialties are content strategy, content licensing, content acquisition, content distribution, content development and entertainment business affairs. Here we always strive to maximize the revenues from video-on-demand, balancing digital and traditional media . Since 1999, we are the specialists when it comes to entertainment content and the entertainment industry particularly in digital startup and expansion to other business models and regions. We are always aware of the latest developments in the industry and bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and tech companies, telecom, online and other service operators. We are the only party in Europe specialized content acquisition for digital and pay tv sector beyond just the North American and English suppliers, and with our years of experience we have built up a unique database of knowledge, suppliers, windows, and content rights.

Entertainment business affairs

If you have done deals in a preliminary stage, getting them papered effectively and pragmatically is the next challenge particularly in the digital sector. Legal paperwork can often protract the deal, particularly where lawyers are not as familiar with the business side and nuances of digital dealmaking and its pacing. Business Affairs services, unique to the entertainment industry, bridge the gap between the business deal maker and the legal paperwork. As agent for content-buying platforms, and other times agents for producers, distributors, sales agents we are always aware of the latest twists and perspectives in entertainment business affairs. This is particularly important when juggling the traditional rights, windows and devices deals with the digital sector VOD (video on demand) rights windows and devices – such as TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, DTO (transactional VOD, Subscription VOD, AdVOD and Download to Own). If you have questions about the entertainment business or for example if you need help to develop the right strategy, acquiring or distributing content, you can always contact us.

  • Specialist in the entertainment industry since the 90’s, founded Rights Stuff in 1999
  • Agent for content-buying platforms and content selling producers, distributors, sales agents
  • Entertainment business dealmaking, as well as business and legal affairs
  • Crossing he bridge between the entertainment industry and other players such as technology, telecom, cable, ISP
  • Knowledge of video-on-demand, balancing traditional and digital media

Want to know more about entertainment business affairs or one of our other services? Please contact us. We are happy to assist you.