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RIGHTS STUFF teams up with Brazilian law firm CQS to develop new digital media business

International content licensing consultancy Rights Stuff, has established a strategic alliance with the Brazilian entertainment law firm, CQS (Cesnik Quintino & Salinas), to assist companies in the areas of content licensing, acquisition, distribution and related rights issues, as well as strategic business development in the new digital media space.

Wendy Bernfeld, Founder and Managing Director of Rights Stuff, commented, ‘The Rights Stuff alliance with CQS is very timely and exciting because Brazil is an emerging new media market offering a wealth of opportunity for both traditional and digital entertainment platforms. We will work closely with CQS and their extensive network of clients, helping to develop video launches in mobile, video on demand, and other new digital medial platforms and channels, including the sports arena; as well as continued support in traditional content licensing and consultancy.’
Rights Stuff, which works with a range of international content producers and distributors, telecoms, IPTV operators, and TV, internet and mobile channels and platforms, became involved in the Brazilian market last year. First ventures included working with the major Brazilian film/TV distributor and digital media pioneer, Elo Company and later via subsequent industry support, chairing panels and active participation during last Rio FilmFest/Film Market, where Wendy Bernfeld focused on video licensing and production for broadband, mobile and new digital media platforms.
Over the last ten years, CQS has established itself as one of Brazil’s leading arts and entertainment law firms, providing full legal services for financing, production and content acquisition/licensing. Its expertise includes the design of legal structures on license models, including fiscal incentives mechanisms in Brazil that benefit the audiovisual sector. It also provides consultancy for TV channels operating in Brazil about fiscal incentives for co-production with the Brazilian independent audiovisual producers.
CQS has worked for an extensive range of clients, including major telecom and television companies, media groups, cultural and government institutions, including: TV Globo, TV Cultura, Grupo Estado, MTV, ESPN, Claro, Tim, Vivo, and Rio Film.