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IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) - Nov. 18-Dec 6,2020

Nov. 19:  3-4pm: Wendy moderates a IDFA Industry panel entitled ''Innovations in Online Distribution - Beyond COVID-19'' joined by Anke van Diejen (PICL), Elissa Federoff (NEON) and Philip Mordecai (Consultant).  See https://www.idfa.nl/en/shows/340c5c65-d743-4091-adf8-1186669cbe21/industry-talk-innovations-in-online-distribution-beyond-covid-19

Nov. 25: 10-11am: Wendy presents a IDFA Industry lecture session on OTT/VOD entitled ''The Current VOD World: Beyond the Comfort Zone of usual Doc Buyers''. See:https://www.idfa.nl/en/shows/b8478e9c-eebf-4869-b045-86cf2b284518/industry-talk-the-current-vod-world-beyond-the-comfort-zone-of-doc-buyers

Throughout IDFA Wendy further attends one to one producer meetings as part of IDFA Forum, as well as acting for clients in VOD licensing and gap funding