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Cannes Film Festival, Marche du Film & NEXT, Cannes, May 8- 17 2018

May 10 15:00-17:00 – Producer’s Workshop- 'Digital Landscape for Distribution and Alternative Funding'      

An updated overview of evolving opportunities in the VOD/digital sector in EMEA/international, including for features,arthouse, series, and docs, emphasizing  OTT/SVOD/telecom/cable platforms, beyond just the Big5 Netflix types,  who compete and/or complement.  She also addresses ‘’Originals’’, web/mobile amd longform,  windowing, and other hybrid distribution practicalities

May 12 14.00-15:30NEXT Innovation Hub – VR panel: Financing and Monetising Immersive Content

Wendy joins  an expert VR business panel moderated by Liz Rosenthal,with CMF, DogWoof, Atlas5 and WithIN , on monetization, funding, and  revenue models.

Wendy also attends the Marche on behalf of private SVOD &VR clients  (buying/funding).

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